Friday, January 20, 2012

inaccurate thermometer reader, and give this chili a different name

I had a good laugh at myself when I got to work on Wednesday.  You might recall my remark about it being 27 degrees that morning when I ran.  Well, when I got to work, the little weather thingy on my computer screen said it was 3 degrees outside.  I was could it be 27 at 5 AM and 3 at 8 AM?  I'm not saying that NEVER happens, but it was a sunshiny day and the logic wasn't fitting.  So I opened the weather app on my iphone.  That's when I discovered that the first screen it opens to is whatever was up the LAST time I opened it.  Then it refreshes, and the accurate info comes up.  This explains the mystery of why the heck my nose was trying to frost shut on a 27 degree morning...cuz hon, it wasn't 27 degrees!  LOL  

So this morning I made sure to read the tiny, bifocal-unfriendly print at the bottom of the screen to see when it had last been updated.  At 5:01 this morning, the outdoor temp was 7 degrees.  

It was still a great run!  You can bet I didn't leave the face warmer behind, but I still just wore the same stuff I've been wearing all winter.  The only difference was that my warmup walk up the hill felt awfully chilly, and the air I was sucking through the mask was uncomfortably cold.  But once I got this body moving, it reliably produced the levels of heat that drive out cold breezes and even overcome frozen air as it's being inhaled through soggy fabric.  Yeah baby...I'm a living, breathing heat machine.  LOL 

In other news, I had fun cooking a different kind of soup last night.  I found a soup mix at the health food store called something like "Montana Range Wheat Berry Chili."  Sounds very rugged, eh?  I stayed with the rugged theme - my meat of choice for the soup was some ground elk my boss (the mighty hunter man) had given me.  In truth, I just bought this mix because it was such a strange concept that I had to try it.  Instead of beans, it has wheat berries in, little perfectly round grains.  I don't get the point of that - after all, beans are INSANELY good for the body.  But the food adventurer in me took over and bought it anyway.  It's...not bad.  I'd love it more if it hadn't been named "chili" - one's taste buds have certain expectations, when that word is in play.  It's a nice soup, but I wouldn't call it chili.  I did my usual portion-control measure, once the whole pot was all cooked nicely and I had enjoyed a is my soup supply for the coming week or so:

As any good Critical Mass rider likes to holler...HAPPY FRIDAY! 

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