Saturday, January 7, 2012

january bike ride and i am a fashion faux pas

Today was the 7th of January and I rode my bike in a sweatshirt.  My son had gotten me a new (very wide, very soft) seat for Lulu (since her original seat was broken and badly listing to one side), and had even installed it for me while he was here over the break. Since I'm kind of out of my biking groove, we kept it short at only about 18 miles.  

The seat is a little too high and pitched a little too far forward.  If I sat all the way up on it, I had to reach down with my tiptoes on the down stroke.  I kept sliding forward and having to stand on the pedals to push myself back up.  You know what?  Even with everything not working quite right...IT WAS AWESOME.  

When my son was buying me the luxury seat, I saw the cuuuuuutest helmet in the store.  It was yellow, with bright pink and neon green flowers.  While it might look funny when I'm on Wilma, it would ROCK on Lulu.  I didn't buy it that day.  But I'm probably going back for it sooner or later.  I think we can agree that Karen in a black headband with the current dorky helmet is...well....dorky.

Since I get cold so easily, I wore my running tights under my bike shorts and black stretchy pants.  A funny thing happened while I rode...the (full length) outer pants rode up.  And up.  Annnnnnd......up.  They seemed to like THIS position: 

Juuuuust call me sexy hot mama.  

So much for dignity!

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  1. thanks for the laugh :) Lulu sounds lovely!