Tuesday, January 3, 2012

running on a day off, and percolating another blog soon

Yesterday I got the day off work (which was exceedingly sweet at a time when both of my kids are here at my house).  I slept in alllll the way to 7:30 (I can remember when that wouldn't have counted as "sleeping in" to me!) and then got up to get my prayer time in before others would be up.  

I was very surprised and pleased to discover that I was still able to get my butt up and out the door for a run afterward.  Even though I had slept in.  Even though it was already fully daylight.  Even though I was comfy and warm inside, and the frozen wind was blasting away outside.  Even though I was super excited about cooking breakfast for the kids.  Even though I had PLENTY of excuses to talk myself out of going outside for a run.  I still ran!  Woo hoo!  I love that evidence that this habit has taken real root in me. 

Though I've had a houseful of people and correspondingly not a ton of writing time, I AM dreaming some dreams for 2012.  That blog will come soon (though I think first I have one more 2011 blog to post over at clumsy beautiful life).

Today, it's back to work time.  Let's charge into 2012 with trust and joy, eh?

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