Monday, January 30, 2012

fresh enthusiasm for salad and a better run

I'm feeling an extra bit of hope this morning, where loving my body is concerned.  As you know if you've been reading along, the "food" part of this proposition has been a bit more of a struggle for me of late than it was for a long time before that.  Spent some time this weekend with a friend who is ALL ABOUT choosing body-loving food, and she positively inspired me.  So as I bought groceries on the way home, I followed her lead and I'm nicely stocked with good veggies and excitement about how to prepare them (especially including a veggie salad that is avocados, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, cucumber, and bell pepper...and I'm adding black and green olives and cracked pepper and a wee bit of feta cheese to it...doesn't that sound TO DIE FOR?!).  Definitely needed that fresh infusion of good thought in the midst of my winter comfort-seeking mode. 

Since I know I've been really feeling the soups lately, I also picked up some of those soup mixes that make up 1/2 a gallon a time.  I'm thinking that will be less sodium and cheaper than the cans of chunky soup I like too much, while being less work than boiling up a whole chicken and doing all the other work involved with totally homemade soup.

In other news, it was a lovely warm 32 degrees this morning for my run, and I think I ran faster than usual.  I haven't checked my time in weeks (basically since getting my iphone for Christmas), but I think tomorrow I'll give it a look.  If my very unscientific time-counting method (counting the minutes out, 1 to 60, in my head, and keeping track of them in 3 rounds of 10 on my fingers) was right, I ran the usual distance but had 3 minutes to spare at the end.  I can hardly believe I was THAT MUCH faster - most of the issue was probably how hard it is for me to keep track of the count in my early morning brain non-function mode - but maybe I was a LITTLE faster.  Making a mental note now, and hopefully Wednesday morning my sleepy brain can remember to check the time before and after the run. 

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