Friday, December 30, 2011

warm wet morning run, and getting sucker punched by the mirror

I forgot to check the weather as I was getting ready for my run this morning.  This meant stepping out to wet pavement and a light mist falling was a bit of a surprise!  I have rain gear, but I wasn't tempted to turn around and go back in for it.  This was mist, not really rain.  

I was dressed for 22 degrees and I think it was almost twice that warm.  This meant steady adjusting as I ran.  First I pulled the face warmer down off my face, so it was just a collar.  Then off came the big heavy mittens.  Then I had to zip my pullover down as far as it would go.  Finally, I pulled the face warmer even off of my neck and just carried it.  I was still pretty hot by the end of my run...enough that I was peeling off my gloves and my headband before I even got back into my building.

Last night I got to show my daughter and her hubby where my running route is.  It's a fun and -in truth- proud thing for me, showing people that.  She was in awe..."it's so long."  Well...yeah.  Really it IS quite long, for Karen from January 2011.  And Karen from December 2011 can do it without much difficulty.  Which is WAY cool.

I needed that bit of boost, I think.  I'm behind on laundry, so for 2 evenings I've been wearing jeans that are technically a size too small - that doesn't feel good.  And then at my sister's house last night I caught several glimpses of me in the mirror they have directly across from the toilet.  No matter how nicely one dresses, no matter how strategically one uses supportive undergarments to "nice it up," no matter how far I have come along the journey, fitness-wise...something about seeing myself with everything all hoisted up and pulled down and hanging out everywhere as I errr take a seat....UGGGGGHHHHHHH it's a bit more reality than I care to deal with.  But it's like a spectacular train wreck or matter how horrible the sight, my eyes just zoom right there to that blasted mirror every time I get in there.  They don't seem to know how not to.  

So....thanks, God, for the opportunity to feel encouraged after the mirror gave me several well-placed gut punches.  

He's pretty cool like that. 

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