Monday, December 12, 2011

the body wants to run

My legs begged me all weekend for a run, sore as they were.  I find it ironic that BEGINNING exercise causes muscle pain, but then when you've been at it awhile, SKIPPING exercise does the same.  

This morning my run was:

5ish minutes of warmup walking
1 minute of slow jog (I'm just always gonna need that, I think, to get the hinges lubed)
30 minutes of faster running (though still just 2 steps/second)
5ish minutes of cooldown walking

It was a really good run, despite the fact that when my alarm went off at 4:25 AM, the arguer in me hit it pretty hard on the subject of Staying in Bed a Little Longer.  Really it was the sore legs and not any great motivation in me that got me up and rolling despite the desire for more sleep. 

It was 34 degrees out there, which felt downright balmy after last week.  I left the face warmer home, and halfway through the run I had the zipper on my pullover unzipped as far down as it would go. 

This past weekend while visiting JPUSA, I learned a new-to-me anatomical word to describe that lovely handle of fat of the lower abdomen (like, way below the belly button).  I was going to put it in here, but then when I googled it, Urban Dictionary (a favorite website of mine) gave some very DIFFERENT interpretation of the term, and did so in that kind of way that beats the crap out of the self image of plus-size folks, so I'm just not gonna say it.  Not gonna perpetuate icky feelings in others about their bodies, period.  Enough damage has been done with fabulous words like muffin top and cankles.  I'm not adding this one to the pile.

Cuz part of love is not poking at what hurts, just for the fun of the poke.

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