Wednesday, December 14, 2011

one missed run

Well, I didn't make my run this morning.  I had sat up entirely too late last night, blasting through a writing block that had plagued me for days.  I did with that block the same thing I've been doing with my body - gave it the best shot I had, even knowing my best seemed clumsy and not particularly well done.  And then let it go, just as it was, with grace and not condemnation.  I'm loving this lesson, the more it gets hammered into my life.

So with an after-11 bedtime, 4:25 AM was brutal.  The alarm went off and I stumbled to the bathroom, determined to keep my run appointment.  But halfway through getting out of my pajamas, I ended up changing my mind - I was so tired I was sick to my stomach and was kind of half-falling-over when I stepped.  So I got back into bed to sleep for 40 more minutes, and then did my 40 minutes of prayer time (part of a project/commitment I am working out right now)  under the covers (aloud, so as not to fall back asleep), and when I finally got back out of bed, I was in much better shape.

Will I make up the missed run?  I don't know.  It's a crazy schedule week.  So maybe...maybe not.  The beauty of not being "on a diet" or on any sort of deadline at all for reaching any magic weight or size is that I can just move mercifully forward, and not sweat one missed run.

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