Thursday, October 6, 2011

hearing my body, getting a new bike, and listening for her name

Yesterday I noticed that I haven't been paying attention to my body's recent signs that I have been unconsciously upping the volume, when it comes to food.  I found myself stuffed after my morning smoothie, realized I've been making the smoothie a little bigger every day, and realized my body has been protesting that, but I've not been listening.  I am so grateful for this "catch" and the smoothie will go back to its smaller size today.  Funny how old bad habits (like squeezing the maximum possible amount of food into a container) try to rear their ugly heads.  It's a journey, folks.  

Yesterday I received a most unexpected gift.  She doesn't have a name yet, though I have an idea (I just need to ride her first to make sure a different name doesn't suggest itself once I get on.) 

She belonged to a friend, whose last ride on her included a spectacular wreck, with a 100+ pound St. Bernard being the catalyst.  She's been parked in a garage on a farm since then, collecting dust.  So she wants some cleaning up and tuning up, but oohhhhhhhh she's a beauty!  A road bike!  This is what my son and the guy that fixes Lulu have been on me to try!  She doesn't have those ultra-skinny tires, and I like that about her - I kind of cringe every time I consider plopping this butt into the saddle of something that rolls on tires so skinny that they can hardly be seen.  

I have been resistant to considering a road bike, mostly because I love Lulu so much, but also because of that skinny tire thing AND because...dude...road bikes ain't cheap!  And this girl is a first-class lady, well beyond what my budget was going to afford me without many months of saving up.   Omigosh.  I am DYING!  I want to ride her so bad...and I am trying to wait until she's all tuned up (but tonight I might spin her around the parking lot, at least...)

Though I have one name in mind, and I need to ride and see if she tells me her name, I would also welcome the fun of your suggestions, if you have any.  Just sayin!

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