Thursday, October 27, 2011

mysterious attack of the yuckies

Yesterday I woke up kind of sluggish, but managed my run...managed it well, considering the sluggishness, I thought.  Went through my usual morning routine...shower, breakfast with readings and grat list...and in the midst of eating and writing...all of a sudden I had to sprint to the bathroom, where I became quite violently ill.  WEIRD!  How can I be fine one moment and so sick the next?

I was mildly hopeful that the problem was just my cherry juice.  I've been drinking 2 tbsp of cherry concentrate diluted in 8 ounces of water on my run mornings, to address muscle and joint pain.  I don't love that stuff; sometimes it even makes my stomach hurt a little.  So I hoped that was all it was.  But within seconds, I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck.  I crawled back into bed, but was up in about 5 minutes putting on heavy socks and my hoodie, with the hood UP...I was getting colder by the moment.  From under the covers I texted work to let them know I wouldn't be in first thing, and then I crashed to sleep, HARD, as soon as I finally got warm.  WEIRD.  

I was also hopeful that sleeping it off for the morning would be good enough, since I had been well until 3 seconds before the upchuck.  But at 11 I was barely able to come conscious, and sitting up wasn't even an option.  More texts to work and back to sleep.  Later in the afternoon I was finally able to do big extravagant things like walking to the bathroom, and heating up soup, and (rather fearfully) carefully eating the soup in a reclined position, praying it wouldn't bring the same reaction breakfast had.

I was quite a bit better by bedtime...still wiped out, but more or less functional.  This morning, I THINK I am better.  Breakfast isn't doing anything evil to me.  I'm showered and though my butt is dragging, I think I can do work.  

Seems like this latest round isn't related to the several weeks of exhaustion I just recently's quite different.  Unless my body is just protesting differently?  

Color me puzzled.   

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