Thursday, October 13, 2011

darn tired

I have been fighting exhaustion for a week now.  I don't know if my body is just fighting the bug I was exposed to about 10 days ago, or if it's other stuff.  I theorized that maybe my smoothie was too much sugar in the morning (not added sugar, other than the 2 TBSP of honey...but fruit is heavy on natural sugar); I have temporarily suspended the smoothie, to test that theory.  I am much less sleepy in the mornings, so I think that was part of it (gonna have to figure out how to fit in some kefir and some fruit and that cherry juice concentrate a different way, I guess).  I've been having a hard-boiled egg mid-morning instead; I think it's a better solution.  

Another element that might be in play is that I might need more protein.  I'm doing great in cutting out a ton of refined carbs and such, great at eating massive amounts of fresh or frozen veggies, but I suppose I'm kind of light on the protein sometimes.  So I'm making a more concerted effort, on that front.  

I've been anemic my whole life, but I can't imagine that's what this is, as I am eating pretty well and also taking an iron supplement (and vitamin c, which helps the body metabolize the iron).  

Currently I am pressing into the "get more sleep" part of the solution.  I slept almost 11 hours last night (had to be asleep by 7 PM to accomplish that, and honey, I WAS...didn't even get up in the night for the usual bathroom run).  

I am making sure to keep exercising.  I don't think stopping a workout is a good way to beat exhaustion...the body needs and thrives on exercise, and I don't believe I am doing an unhealthy amount.  30 minutes of running, 3 times a week.  And most days I get 30-60 minutes of much lower-intensity exercise in the evening (bike ride, kickboxing class, etc.)  I don't think my exercise is the problem. 

Other than that, I don't know.  I just know I'm tired of being tired.  I've wanted a day off to just be in bed for a week now, but it hasn't happened...and looking ahead, it ain't happening in the next week, either, unless I end up putting the big HALT on life to make it happen.

We'll see.

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