Monday, October 17, 2011

reset, perhaps?

Okay, so this weekend I traveled with some coworkers and my need for naps was kind of "on stage," ya know?  Like, sleeping clear through the drive to and from the conference and still going to bed very early at the hotel.  It came up in conversation, and left me looking again at all this darn exhaustion that's been dogging me.  

I'm tired of needing a "nap" before I leave for work in the morning.  Tired of needing a lunch time nap.  Tired of being tired, despite all these darn naps.  Working hard to figure out the nutritional angles and such.  And no, I'm not depressed (I'm getting that question a lot lately...but I think I'm experiencing too much peace and joy for this to be a depression.)

But yesterday a conversation with a friend convinced me that maybe my body needs a sort of "reset" just like we do when the computer gets all funkified.  So, I'm taking a week off from my morning run.  And yesterday I turned off the alarm and just slept 'til I woke up.  And last night I made myself turn off the computer and get under the covers at 8 PM.  The plan is to aggressively pursue rest for a week. Still planning on some bike rides and I start my Zumba class this week, so I'm not ONLY vegging - but "rest" will be the prevailing theme and priority this week, and we'll see if I can get this body re-set!

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