Saturday, October 8, 2011

tired, bike fixin' day, and the new mother arrives

Yesterday, it was very hard to get out there and run.  I had been tired to the point of feeling exhausted and sleepy for two days.  Thursday, I had responded to that feeling by eating several things that would only make it worse (I HATE IT when I lapse into automatic "seeking comfort" mode).  I didn't want to get out of bed to run.  Even after dressing and climbing the steep boulevard to get out to the steep hill before my run, I just wanted to lay down in the street and take a nap (not a good idea in the pitch black just before dawn, one supposes).

Well, I did my run anyway, and I measured improvement - none of the 7 minute faster segments made me feel like puking.  My knees didn't turn to jelly at any point.  Even feeling sluggish and unwilling, the run was better than the 2 before it.  The human body is truly a miracle.  With that said, I still think I'll do a second week of the 3/7 intervals, cuz it's HARD and I want some more time to condition into it before I crank up to the next level.

While I ran, I pondered why I have been so tired.  I live WAY too healthy to be that tired.  I mean, I know I need to get a little more sleep...but I ran on WAY less sleep as a single mom.  So that in itself is not the whole answer.  That's when I remembered that last weekend when I visited Chicago, several of my friends were at varying stages of some funky bug.  So...maybe I'm wiped out because my body is fighting that off.   The tiredness is my only symptom, but maybe that's just because my healthy living has helped my body fight better.  So I'm going to rest much this weekend, consume plenty of fluids, and get to the store for some echinacea.  I think I should help my body beat this, not just continue per normal.  

In other news, BOTH of my bikes are getting fixed today!  I'm pretty pumped about that!  Spent some time the night before last cleaning up the new girl, and she's purty.  :-)  Can't name her yet, though, cuz I haven't ridden.  Perhaps today.

Also, the kombucha is coming along nicely.  I didn't peek under the towel until last night; the SCOBY has grown a new mother.  This is how it's supposed to work!  I'm hoping to put up some pictures during the process, so get ready to be fascinated or grossed out or whatever.

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