Thursday, May 7, 2009

unexciting update

breakfast: grape nuts cereal (300) and skim milk (75) with sugar (135)

coffee w/sugar when i got to work (135)

lunch: can of tomato soup (225), 10 saltines (120), PB&J sandwich (370)

calories so far today: 1360

I have dinner plans with a friend I haven't seen in way too long. And I need to not eat after 6 pm, so that I can do my labs in the morning. Wonder if I'll make loss or just maintenance today...looking a little ominous. PB&J just sounded so darn good.

BTW I put my true weight into the calorie calculator last night, and actually my weight loss zone is at 1914 calories (38 higher than I thought before). Not that it matters, but it entertained me to find out.

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