Wednesday, May 13, 2009

is it failure if i keep on trying?

Okay so I let myself run off in the ditch Monday (cookies at work and then an amazing salad buffet at my mom's mother/daughter/sister/friend banquet = way too many calories fer sure).

And then yesterday...well, I was busy writing until it was time to walk out the door, so I failed to pack a lunch (immensely enjoyed the chicken casserole at the shelter, BTW)...and then of course it was Tuesday night youth church where I always, always eat too much perfectly wonderful food.

But now it's Wednesday, and as the song says, "I feel better just for spite." I had my oatmeal (150) with milk (60) and sugar (135) and the goal for the day is actually trying, not just glibly jumping off into naughty.

On another note, my numbers are back from that blood test, and they are mahvelous. I'm waiting for the page to arrive in the mail so that I can share all that good news.

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