Tuesday, May 26, 2009

an early morning victory with a blister for a prize

I walked this morning. This is a victory. Yesterday around 5 a.m., I had a conversation with myself about walking, and staying in bed won that round. This morning, it was quite a tussle, but then the winning vote said that I retired early last night, and I cannot plead, "but the bed feels so good!" at both ends of the spectrum.

I had my route sort of planned, which would have taken probably 40 minutes. But then my shoe started rubbing wrong and I turned right around. 20 minutes of walking and one bloody blister. Well anyway I have bandaids and other shoes, and we'll see what tomorrow brings. I am not telling myself that I am beginning my "walking program" because I am all about the great beginnings that are followed by epic failure. I decided today. Tomorrow, I'll decide again (we'll see which side wins then).

A cool thing: despite all my inner babbling, the Lord got a word or 2 in edgewise...things I really needed to hear. I am grateful this morning that He didn't wait for me to shut up already before talking.

Confession: last night I had hot chocolate after my totals, so I think I pushed them right up or perhaps even a bit over my maintenance number. I certainly have room to grow in the self-discipline area, (she says, making a wild understatement).

Breakfast: oatmeal (150) w/sugar (135).

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