Thursday, May 28, 2009

success despite falling down, and the return of the jean jacket

Oh golly look. It's Thursday and I have made no Wednesday entry. Let's see if I can remember what I had:

breakfast oatmeal 150 w/sugar 135
coffee at work w/sugar 135
ramen noodles for lunch 380
strawberries 46
3 bottles of water w/sweetener packs (cranberry apple rocks!)
2 girl scout lemon cookies 150
plate of fried potatoes 500 w/ketchup & salt 90
1.75 cups skim milk 160

Total calories for the day: 1746, which comes in even under my weight loss number.

Life is funny. Yesterday I was a nutritional nightmare, but I made the calorie count. I know better about what to eat, but I am struggling with my attitude and with lack of planning, which causes me to grab whatever is close.

Yesterday, I wore my jean jacket to work. It has been hanging in my closet for something like 2 years now, because the arms were too tight for it to look decent. While I'd still like it to be a tad looser, it fits reasonably now! So, despite my awful attitude, passive aggression, and constant backsliding, it seems I am still losing. Which encourages me greatly for today.

I did not walk again yesterday or today...that blister is healing, but is still making itself very much known every time I walk. Of course, back when we prayer walked the county, I learned all the blister solutions that exist, and I walked many miles with awful feet. Sooooo...the blister is an excuse. I sure do like excuses. (Good reason to blog: I hadn't processed any of the information in this paragraph until I watched my hands type it. OY.)

Breakfast today: quick oats (alas, I am out of old fashioned ones and these are such a disappointment!) 150 and sugar 135.

Day, here I come.

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