Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sometimes success means trying for the zillionth time

Well I never did remember to come back to the 'puter yesterday to summarize, did I?

Perserverance is unlovely sometimes. I have been reminding myself today that when I started "cleaning up" spiritually it looked a lot like this: tons of good intentions, oceans of rebellious moments, failure upon failure upon mortifying failure, but also slow growth. I am a long way today from where I started on that process (about a decade ago). I need to keep at the business of "cleaning up" physically, even though I feel like I drop the ball continually.

I got a friendly reminder from an old high school friend this morning as I was about to walk out the door - an encouragement well good timed. Thanks, T!

This afternoon is my doctor appointment, where we will discuss whether I need a blood test. The good part: this means I can check my weight, too. The other good part: my doctor is the bomb! I actually look forward to conversations with him.

breakfast: cereal (120) and skim milk (50)

coffee w/sugar to start my work day (135)

strawberries for snack (30)

lunch: clam chowder (420) and saltines (120)...not good choices but I was hurrying and lazy as I figured out lunch before leaving this morning, so that's what went in the bag.

Calories so far today: 875

Note to self: I have not been drinking water all week. I need to get back on it.

There are lots of baked goods here at work today. I want them really badly. Grrrr.

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