Monday, July 15, 2013

i am a ballerina princess runner

For last year's Bix, a friend and great encourager informed me that I needed new running clothes - that it is a TRADITION to have something new for race day.  And then...she funded a new running outfit for me, which turned out to be MUCH NICER than the sweats I was planning to roll up at the knees. 

That wonderful outfit is still in great condition and Karen Is Very Cheap.  So!  My plan for this year has been:  a running skirt, which I can just wear OVER the outfit I have.  Sarah, who ran the Bix with me last year, pointed out tulle running skirts to me and they immediately made me grin.  So ridiculous.  TULLE - the stuff of princesses and ballerinas - for running?! 

But it's really perfect.  Light as air.  Cute and fanciful.  The internet supplied me with a wonderful set of DIY instructions.  Last Friday night after work, I spent $13 on tulle and a ribbon, and came home and made the darn thing all in one sitting.  It is only cutting and tying.  My carpal tunnel raged the next day from all the tying, but hey...IS THIS SKIRT FUN or what?!   The colors are hard to see in the picture, but it is midnight blue (with SPARKLES!), neon green, and...bum bum BUM...TEAL!  (You'd have to know how utterly I loathe teal and feel it should not exist as a color to appreciate the irony of teal in my skirt - but suffice it to say that lovely daughter Julia is keeled over with laughter about it.)

In truth, I feel like I look huge in it.  I took pictures at 4:30 this morning as I was dressing for my run, and this side shot is the only one I am sharing.  Sure, it's gonna make you notice I uhhh "got back"...but the shots from the front look SO WIDE.  

I don't care.  I'm wearing the skirt, and gonna run with a smile.  After all, running every step of 7 miles on a hot July morning on giant hills...that's a feat WORTHY of 7.5 yards of tulle, eh?

Keep smiling!

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