Friday, July 12, 2013

hill testing

Nice Friday run this morning.  Only 3 more runs before the Bix!  

I tested the "elevations" part of my Map My Run app today in an interesting way.  Ran up and down 4 big hills in the Augustana area.  I notice on the readout this morning, the first hill, though it's pretty substantial in person, just hardly shows up as an incline at ALL on the report. 

It will be good to finish with this training and get the Bix done.  Running longer...and then adding inclines...and then adding a DRIVE TO AND FROM, to maximize my incline time...means I just can't get to work on time for anything right now.  Will be nice to get back to something like a normal morning routine...just in time to get married, and then need to recreate morning all over again!  LOL

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