Wednesday, July 3, 2013

hello, i eat hills for breakfast

Helloooooooooooooooooo world!  I am awake, alive, and wound for sound.  Why?  Because I ran the Augustana hill twice, and then went and found another hill to run after that!  Bix day, I am coming for you, and I will not be defeated!  RAWR!!!  (If you hit that link, DO go down to the bottom, where it shows the elevations part of my run.  Best.  Run.  EVER!)

Also, on a fun note, I followed the unfriendly runner girl who never returns my "good morning" (in her defense, I can't see...maybe she's  got earphones in and can't hear me...reminder to self, stop taking offense on purpose!) after the second lap of the Augie hill.  I ended up crossing the college campus, which took me across the most wonderful bridge, suspended way up high across a wooded valley with water underneath.  I've not been on the Augie campus enough in the past to discover that bridge.  It was BEAUTIFUL and I intend to visit it regularly.  I'm so grateful for having been healed of my phobia of would have been hard, running across, before that. 

7 more runs before the Bix.  I'm pondering what is best to do next.  I wonder if Friday I might pick an all-flat zone and try to get the 5 or 6 fastest miles I've ever run in.  I'd welcome your ideas (as long as you won't get your feelings hurt if I end up not following yours!)

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