Wednesday, July 17, 2013

another hill challenge morning

In my continuing quest to WOW myself enough before the Bix to overcome the mental hurdles, this morning I took on Augustana hill.  The challenge:  how many times could I run up it in a single morning?  

This morning's result:  6 TIMES!  Let's just say I am CELEBRATING!!!  

But also kicking myself.  I considered going for 7 and then I was tired and it was getting late (yes, I will be late for work again today due to the run.)  Monday's run of 3 laps up Brady Street Hill was a gain of 905 feet.  Today's run of 6 laps up Augustana Hill was a gain of 892 feet.  I COULD HAVE OUTDONE MYSELF.  Darn it!

But still.  Six is pretty dang good.  Focusing there with intention.  

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