Tuesday, May 28, 2013

kettlebell begun

I moved over the weekend.  I had hoped to get up and run this morning, but my first trip to the bathroom told me my feet were not having any part of that.  Was it all this rain, or 3 days of working on my feet that made my arthritis holler?  I don't know, but I didn't try to run.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I have scoped out a hill or two in the neighborhood, and while it's hard to find anything even close to the WOW of the Brady Street hill, I think it will work out.  

Instead, I stayed in and did some situps and pushups on the exercise ball.  And...finally tried out my kettlebell. 

A friend had told me awhile back what a good idea the kettlebell was - I was interested, but just kept on not getting one.  Finally, she gave me one.  AND a printed out sheet of some exercises for it, to get me started.  

I brought it home.  Admired it.  Intended to use it.  But just kept not getting to it.  The problem is, on my non-running mornings, it is WAY easy to want to stay in bed - especially when the night before has been late due to sitting up too long working on a blog, or out with a friend or something.  So the poor thing sat there in the corner, waiting for me.  I looked at it every day and resolved, "Tomorrow morning, I'm really gonna try it." 

Meanwhile, a friend who comes to my house weekly and also happens to work out with power lifters was very interested.  She showed me all the things she does with her kettlebell at the gym (mine is 8 pounds - I think she said hers is 25...UGH).  Then she watched each week to see if I had gotten around to removing the tag from the bell.  I intentionally did NOT tear it off just to create an impression of having used it.  Gotta keep it honest, eh?

Since I had awakened well before the alarm today, there was no putting up the argument that I needed another hour or so of sleep.  So I finally tried it out.  

It was fun.

My muscles are gonna hurt later today.  I can already feel that.  :-)

Which means:  TONING!  Yay for toning!  At 47, things don't naturally tone themselves.  Here's to working against flab and sag.  

Now let's see if I get myself to do it again Thursday.  LOL

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