Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2 bridges one morning

Great run this morning - I followed a suggestion one of my friends and greatest encouragers gave a long, LONG time ago and did the 2-bridge route - ran both the Arsenal and the Centennial bridges, with extensive touring of downtown Rock Island in between.  I accidentally ran 5.22 miles, because I miscalculated and was further away from home than I meant to be at the 5 mile mark.  So that just makes me smile.  I am sharing the route here so you can see the fun of the bridges. 

I really love the "splits" function of the MapMyRun app.  Again I can see that I stayed under 17 minutes per mile for all but the last quarter mile, part of which was my 1/2 block cooldown walk.  Again I can see that one of the miles was under 16 minutes per mile.  I think my next goal is to get just ONE of the miles under 16 minutes.  Just one.  It's okay if the others stay between 16 and 17.  But Friday is a "run Brady Street hill" day, so I don't know if that will be my day to make that goal or not.  

We'll see.  Meanwhile, THIS IS FUN. 

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