Friday, May 31, 2013

in which she faces her nemesis again

I went back to battle the 38th street hill this morning.  This time I approached it from the west, which meant a long, slow climb uphill before I even got to the steep part when I turned left onto it.  

Let's just say, I am impressed by this hill.  It astonishes me that I can do Brady, but not this one.

I made it up.  I made it up without puking.  But I definitely walked part of it, when I started to feel all up-chucky again.  OY VEY!

Far fewer gnats this morning.  No strange drivers.  I did get passed by 2 runners - a lady who passed within about a foot of me and never acknowledged my existence (really??) and a guy that had a good two feet on me in height, and just bounded by me in the grass like a gazelle, grinning and hollering hi as he went by.  I like people who bother to say hi! 

A friend has cued me into another hill in the neighborhood, but I can't do it yet.  First, I MUST defeat the 38th street hill.  I am gonna hang onto this like a snapping turtle until I can do it.  Furthermore, the hill is on a residential street, and those are like mazes around here.  I get so lost.  And on the bike or in the car (wearing GLASSES) I'd have a shot at finding my way home, but I run without glasses.  so I'll need to be sure of where I am going, before I go find that hill!  

Here's to a happy weekend!  Enjoy, all!

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