Monday, May 13, 2013

celebration monday

Dear body,

My Father has been teaching me well, these last couple of years, how to love you UNCONDITIONALLY, as He does.  I'm growing in that, enough that I don't hate you with bitterness and shame anymore for the list of reasons I used to hate you morning, noon and night.  I'm doing better about feeling one with you, and about finding joy in caring well for you and learning about you.

So this morning is not about saying "I love you more," because that would be conditional...but hey...WE GOTTA CELEBRATE!

5 MILES!  We did it!  Uninterrupted!  5 MILES!  And 4 of those miles were under 17 minutes each!  And one of them was only 15 MINUTES 14 SECONDS!  WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!

Monday ain't got nuttin' on us, body! 

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