Friday, September 17, 2010

tired = hungry, it seems

Been working a string of ten to twelve hour days.  I'm not having a problem with great temptation to eat foods that are off my plan...but...definitely sometimes when I'm really tired and overwhelmed, I DO find myself indulging in a heckuva big ol' pile o' veggies.  Seems I'm pretty attached to my comfort food.

Today I was in a meeting that included boxed lunches.  I was last in line for mine (no one who knows me well will be surprised by that).  Nothing even close to my plan.  Huge hoagies all on white bread.  Potato salad that seemed to have sugar in it.  Doritos.  Cookies.

So I just ate it and named it my grace day for the week.  Hey...pretty cool that I still had a grace day left on day 6 of 7, eh?

Sleep-deprived to the point of sick to my stomach.  Gonna go work on that.  I keep thinking about the studies I've read that say lack of sleep can impeded weight loss.  

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