Wednesday, September 8, 2010

soup so good you could eat it with a spoon...?!

Experimenting with font today as a friend tells me the gray was too hard to read on the background.  Let me know about this one, okay?

Eating plan is still working.  Definitely still learning about this portion control thing.  At yesterday's lunch in the bistro, I substituted tomato soup in for the rice.  With it came...2 packets of crackers.  My natural tendency is to put so many crackers in my tomato soup that one could almost eat it with a fork.  Yesterday's experiment:  just 2 little saltines in the bowl (as I write this I'm asking myself...Karen, aren't saltines white flour?  hmmm...ooops....)

Anyway yesterday I learned that I CAN indeed back off even on things like that...soup was good.  

Running late for my early start.  Happy day, all!

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