Sunday, September 19, 2010

continued attitude shift, and cooking for company

Had a day and a half of meetings for work on Friday and Saturday.  Huge boxes of donuts were brought in for breakfast.  Noticed again the shift happening in me (must be answered prayer, cuz I have NEVER been able to choose this kind of thinking):  I looked at them and thought, "that would be really bad for my body."  Yes, I still know they are delicious.  But...that somehow now matters less to me than their effect on my health.  CRAZY STUFF!  I love it.  Thank you, God. 

I have company coming today.  It's been a bit of a challenge, thinking through cooking for company.  I eat some truly strange combinations and call them meals - for instance, the other night I ate a baked sweet potato and a pile of oven-roasted brussels sprouts, with a glass of milk.  It was yummy and complete to me, but you don't really feed a meal like that to company!  LOL  And my habit has been to feed really high fat/high carb meals for company.  Takes a whole new approach, doing life this way.

Did some googling (oh Google, how I love you so....) and found a couple of low-fat, hearty recipes - a black bean chili that had me looking for (and finding!) one bottle of dark beer at almost midnight in the grocery store, and a sort of stew with lentils, sweet potatoes, and chicken in it.  I love cooking for company so much - can't wait to see how these come off.  

Anyway I think we'll manage eating healthy and still being a treat, not a hardship.  

Nice that it is possible!

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