Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yesterday's summary: incredibly good food

Ugh, I didn't get back on this blog and figure out my calories last night. Hmmm here goes the reconstruct:

no coffee
banana 100
several bottles of water

leftovers for lunch: whole wheat spaghetti 200 w/swiss chard 10, tomatoes 25, onion 10, garlic, and olive oil 200, topped w/romano cheese 50, black olives 25, and walnuts 99

strawberries 40

whole wheat penne 180 w/zucchini 18, fresh oregano & basil grown @ home, red onion 10, bell pepper 5, black 25 & green olives 15, olive oil 200, fresh mozzarella 40, and grated parmesan 20, with a glass of skim milk 90 and a nice piece of garlic bread 200

strawberry 40 shortcake 80 w/cool whip 50

Total for the day: 2007. This is 131 calories over my loss number, but still well under my maintenance number. And the food was incredible, and I'm feeling fine with what I ate yesterday.

Not exercising, on the other hand....not so good.

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