Thursday, June 11, 2009

several items of good news, despite the PMS lurker

I dodged caffeine completely today and it helped. I felt far less murderous, though I was still pretty overstimulated all day. I remembered right after breakfast that dairy products are unhelpful for PMS issues...and oops I had consumed 2 full cups at breakfast. Oy vey.

Lunch was a very small bowl of chicken noodle soup 200, handful of baby carrots 30, and half a handful of grapes 15.

Supper was french bread 600 with sauce 60, parmesan 40, asiago cheese 110, and olive oil 240.

Total calories for the day, then, are 1845.


THAT is UNDER my loss number by 21 calories!

Furthermore (she says happily), I walked 35 minutes tonight, at least half of which was huffing, puffing, heartpounding, sweating and definitely cardio healthy stuff.

Drinking some water and pondering it all.

This feels much less like failure.

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