Friday, June 5, 2009

a walk and a badly behaved back

Well a battle has been won this morning. I got up and walked 20 minutes (I had decided last night that I need to walk at least once a day, preferably twice, every day until I leave for my Swiss vacation, so that I won't die or embarrass myself while trying to keep up with my hosts).

On last night's 20 minute walk, my back started begging for mercy halfway through. This is a combination, I think, of the fact that I fell back out of the practice of trying to make my stomach muscles do the work of lifting my belly...and the simple truth that when one's body does all day every day in various chairs, that body protests at anything that is not a seated position. This morning, the pain didn't start till the last 5 minutes. So that feels like progress. We'll see.

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