Thursday, June 11, 2009

the pms monster

Ummm. Hello, blog that I just ignored again for 2 days.

No good diet or exercise choices to report from that period.

Yesterday, the PMS monster ate me. I had Extreme Oversensitivity/Overstimulation. I could feel the tags and seams in my clothes, and they drove me crazy. The sounds of people existing were magnified to the point that every noise was like fingernails on the chalkboard. I hadn't realized I was in the PMS zone and had consumed a very large quantity of caffeine directly before it all hit. PMS + caffeine = someone must die. Happily, I resisted the urge to follow that equation, though I DID make a surly face I still feel bad about at the drive thru at McDonald's (hot fudge sundae w/nuts, to feed the beast in me)...their cash drawer wouldn't close and well, let's just say they needed some training on what to do with the customer while you're having a mechanical failure.

About 18 years ago I had a wicked year or so of PMS that included spectacular stunts like throwing the kitchen table, and other embarrassing behavior. I learned back then how to make it go away or at least hold it at manageable levels without the Xanax my doctor so kindly prescribed (diet can kill it or feed it). Yesterday I think my hormones were back at the kitchen table tossing level. The good news: I am an entirely different person than I was back then. I can use both the diet stuff I know and the much more important spiritual stuff I know to battle it this time around.

Did you know....some people with mood disorders and/or ADHD also suffer with the same struggles I described above (trust me, I've studied this in depth). The next time you want to kill that rotten kid with the bad mouth and nasty attitude who can't sit still...consider that he might be feeling the seams in his shirt and hearing your voice as nails on the chalkboard...and cut him some slack already, okay? (Hmmmm...that was a very non-diet sermon.)

Doing today's blog, despite the lack of success, just to remind me not to give up, even though if this were school I'd be getting sent back a grade by now.

Breakfast toast 100 peanut butter 200 jelly 50 milk 200 (not the best start I could have made).

There be good music in my car. Glad that's next!

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