Wednesday, April 10, 2013

neti outcome

Okay, color me impressed. 

I had no allergy symptoms at all yesterday.  That encouraged me enough that I skipped the Zyrtec when it was time and decided to just see how the night would go. 

Bear in mind that I have been waking nightly, coughing and gagging with the only relief being to sit up straight for several hours (oh, the fun of sleeping while sitting up straight.)  So this was a big test, skipping the Zyrtec and just relying on the results of yesterday's neti adventure. 


Not a single cough all night.  No gagging.  No drainage issue whatsoever.  Just....WOW.  I'm now a believer in this crazy idea of washing out your sinuses! 

I did experience several rounds of extreme nose itchiness in the night, which I think just means the pollen is still running rampant.  So just to be safe, I did the neti thing again this morning.  Don't want to let the pollen get ahead of me.  

But I'll happily endorse this product.  :-)

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