Friday, April 12, 2013

more precise measure of my running, and continued neti success

I finally got my "Map My Run" app going.  First, I had misunderstood the directions when I checked it out, and thought the phone couldn't work without "seeing" (in other words, thought it wouldn't work in my pocket.)  This was not true.  Then, poking around blindly at buttons without my glasses while trying it the first time, I messed up the settings.  I denied it permission to use mapping.  Umm.  Duh.  And though it kept telling me I had done so, my attempts to find the spot to fix that setting failed a lot of times (we all know Karen cannot think in the mornings).  But this morning, I was clearer mentally than usual and - voila! - I got that fixed.  

So I'm not going to sync it to my social media all of the time, or even here, for that matter.  But it is fun to look and see what it tracked; if you want to see, it is here.  The good news is the route is slightly longer than my calculations had told me - I thought it was just under 2.5 miles, but it's actually precisely 2.78 miles.  A 5K is 3.11 miles.  So I'm closer to that than I thought.  

I'm still as slow as ever, staying between 17 and 18 minutes per mile.  I'm sure there are walkers who beat that pace.  Good thing I'm only competing with myself!  The main thing I want to use this app for is to get back to the business of pushing myself to be a bit faster.  Not "race winning" faster - but just  steady improvement in time that will indicate I am getting fitter, eh?

A fun element is that it tracks elevation.  So I need to do a Brady Street hill run with it soon.  Can't wait to see the graph on THAT (and I'm sure I'll be sharing it here.)  

In other news, the neti experience continues to be a positive one.  I did it 2 mornings in a row and then have been leaving it alone.  No meds.  Still putting locally grown honey in my tea daily, to rebuild the immunities I got and then gave up.  I'm having almost no allergy symptoms at all - just the occasional itchy nose, ears, throat and eyes, but no river of drainage drowning and choking me, and no constant sneezing.  Hallelujah.  I'm a believer! 


  1. Seventeen-eighteen minute miles - sounds like you and I could walk together! That's about my speed... I'm like you, not working on "race winning" just improving on my own time. I'm doing a 20K in 7 weeks... EEK! Keep up the great work. I need to be more disciplined with my nasal rinse and get some local honey - maybe I could get off the Zyrtec I take now. Thanks for sharing your journey! :-)

  2. Ahh but Sherri, you'd be walking and I'd be running, for that pace! LOL That would be okay though. Blessings to you on that 20K - I ain't made of that stuff!!

  3. Yeah, I'm a crazy person who loves distance "running". I am SO not ready for this 20K now in only 40 days. Gotta get my rear in gear! I did find some local honey and am being more disciplined with the nasal rinse... maybe I'll get brave and try to go off the Zyrtec after a while. :-)