Saturday, April 13, 2013

go gadget go

I have to admit I'm enjoying the new-to-me gadget of my "Map My Run" app.  Had a nice bike ride today.  It was 20 miles and if you've hung around long, you know I tend to consider that a reasonably short ride sometimes.  But today, I pushed myself hard.  I often don't do that.  I often just roll along for at least part of the ride, coasting and enjoying the view and thinking deep thoughts or maybe no thoughts at all.  Today, I was breathing hard the whole ride (and working against a pretty decent head-wind, for parts of it.)  So today 20 miles felt LONG.  But super, super fun.  My legs loved the workout.  

The fun of the gadget was getting to hear the voice tell me my average pace at each mile mark.  That made me ride harder than I would have, without it.  If you want to check out my ride (and there's no reason to assume you'll be as weirdly fascinated by it as I am, but anyway...) the link is here.

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