Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a run uphill in the rain

My plan this morning was to run the bridge.  I didn't work out Monday or yesterday, both due to being up very late the nights before and just not ready to get out of bed at 4:30 in the morning.  So there was lost momentum.  So today, I planned to run the bridge, and then tomorrow try out my new kettlebell (a gift from a friend - YAY!) and then Friday, when I had some momentum back, I would run Brady Street hill.  

But then when I was lacing up my shoes, I noticed:  wind gusts slamming into the side of my building.  Oh.  Wind is brutal on the exposed openness of the bridge.  Then thunder rumbled in the distance and that settled it.  Not putting myself out there in lightning's way.  I would run the hill.  

I overdressed badly this morning.  Shouldn't have worn the running tights under my pants (I wanted the compression, but these are rated for very cold and 45 is not very cold.)  For a shirt, I only wore my long-sleeved UnderArmour, but then I had my raincoat on over it.  My raincoat is not that lightweight running sort.  It's long and bulky and heavy.  I was very hot for most of my run this morning, which was exacerbated by the fact that I had to keep putting my hood up every time the rain accelerated to "coming down in sheets" mode.

So between the lack of momentum and the overheatedness, it felt like this was my slowest run up the hill ever - I really thought I was gonna hurl this time.  Nonetheless, I never broke down to a walk.  Brady Street hill, I have defeated you again!  YAY!!!  

My run report is here (gotta post it once, just cuz it's a different route than the ones I've already put up).  I'm feeling pretty good about my pace, considering the route.  I thought the "elevation" part of the report would be awesome, but it turns out it's hard to capture the giantness of the hill on a line graph.  Darn it. 

In other news, the neti bottle continues to be a wonder.  Just can't believe how easy it is to respond, when I notice the tickles and drainage starting again.  This is so much better than meds. 

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