Sunday, April 14, 2013

bikey bikey bike

Had a nice bike ride today.  (Looks like I'm gonna keep posting my Map My Run reports until I've done every route at least once - hope that doesn't get old for you!)  

I rode a slow, easy pace today.  Here is the interesting thing:  yesterday's "pushing myself pretty hard in the wind" speed was just under 6 minutes per mile.  Today's "riding at a mellow speed in the wind" speed was just under 7 minutes per mile.  That just seems like not much a difference in actual speed, for such a difference in fatigue effect.  

That said, even though I went nice and easy, I'm wiped out tonight  (due at least in part, no doubt, to the fact that I started out still a little fatigued from yesterday's ride...definitely some conditioning to catch back up on, after the long winter of very little biking.)  I'm awfully grateful for my EasySeat - the butt is in pain, but at least it's only the butt.

I'm awfully glad bike weather is with us again! 

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