Monday, November 12, 2012

back at it

This morning I finally got back out there for the run, after WAY TOO LONG away.  First there had been my arthritic feet, egged on by the rainy weather, that stopped me.  Then I had a wicked bad cold for 3 weeks that allowed me only to get up and go to work every morning, and cancel basically everything else in life in favor of sleep.  But my body has healed and the rain has ceased and though my feet are stiff, they are not painful.  So this morning I ran!

Late fall is here.  It was 25 degrees when I got dressed this morning at 4:45.  That meant running tights under the jogging pants and layered shirts and wool socks and gloves and even the ear warmer thingy, though it's not yet cold enough to need my mouth and nose covered.  Beautiful, perfect running weather.  Far better than summer.  Put a bounce in my step.

Right before I got derailed, I had been starting to really work at improving my speed.  I didn't work on that this morning.  The goal was just to get out there and finish my 2.5 miles without walking.  I am learning what a forgiving thing the body is...despite weeks away from running, I was able to pick it back up easily.  Not the slightest need to walk.  Heck, when I got up the incline of the bridge to the flat part, I even picked it up and hustled, which wasn't even a goal!  So if you saw some chubby fool smiling her way across the Centennial bridge this morning way before sunrise and were irritated, my apologies.  I don't like peppy people in the morning either. 

I mentioned the body is forgiving.  That ain't no lie, folks.  Not only have I not been able to run in over a month, but also many factors in life have kept me mostly off my bike for most of that time as well.  Have I gained a little weight?  I think so, but I'm not gonna be silly enough to derail myself by stepping on a scale to verify that.  I can still wear all the clothes I was wearing, so though I can feel places where weight is either increased or shifted badly, the fact is I can't be up more than 10 pounds total.  And the number on the scale is an irrelevancy for me anyway.  Truth is, God and I are still working out this gig of Him teaching me to love my body.  He's still surprising me daily in the cool things He does.  

The rest doesn't matter.

To all of you who have taken a moment to say you've missed the blog too.  Thanks for the encouragement.  I think maybe I'm swinging back to gear!  May you be encouraged today as well.

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