Wednesday, November 28, 2012

cookies on monday, cookies on tuesday, bring on the hill

Well, yesterday was another not-so-banner day for me.  A coworker brought these amazing chocolate chip cookies - made by his MOM, for heavens sake! - and they were really small (which my brain translates as somehow not as bad a choice as big ones) and they sat in a container in the hall all day.  There weren't many times that I walked by that container without snitching one.  And I passed thru that hall a lot.  DARN IT. 

I've been putting off running up the Brady Street hill, as I was getting re-conditioned after my involuntary running vacation.  This morning I decided that 2 days in a row of nutritional crimes against my body meant it was time to do the hill again.  Gotta help the body burn all those awful carbs or the pounds they've probably already added.  

It's still the Brady Street hill.  It didn't get more gentle during my time away.  It really takes me to the place of ONE STEP AT A TIME.  Looking ahead just isn't an option, if I'm gonna actually do the whole hill without walking.  

And that's what I did.  Which leaves me a bit less bummed about two days of cookie binge.  And a bit more hopeful that I'll choose love today.  

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