Saturday, October 27, 2012

focus shift

Hey look.  Another 3 weeks went by between blogs.  Ugh.  

Here's where I am:  the rainy season hit and the arthritis in my feet is crazy.  I haven't run in quite awhile.  And biking has been rare for the same reason.  Ugh.  I would say I have definitely gained weight, but happily I'm still in the same pants, so it's not too horribly much.  

And happily, the goal is not weight-related anyway.  It's about loving my body.  Running anyway on arthritic feet in pain would not be love.  

Along the way, I am discovering a shift in focus for this season.  Less emphasis on exercise and food (though both are crucial for loving one's body and cannot be ignored) and more emphasis on just the simple connection of body to mind.  I had them so completely disconnected from one another far back as my memory goes.  

I'm figuring out cause and effect...stuff that most of you probably already know about yourself, and I didn't know at all about me.  Just the "when I do this, the effect on my body is that" kind of deal.  It's way cool.  

I've been sick for 5 days, just a bug going around my office.  Even being sick is kind of a wonder, in the midst of all this mind-body connection.  I can feel WHY I am coughing.  I get the mechanics of it all, and not just the general feeling of yuck (and yuck ain't as bad when you understand what is happening, for some reason.)  I can sense things happening in my body that were just beyond my notice before.  It's still not fun being sick, but it is pretty astonishing to be this connected in the midst of it. 

Earlier this week, I was able to take a lesson I've learned abundantly in the journey of letting Him teach me to love my body, and apply it to another area of my life.  The lesson:  quick obedience to His leadings is essential.  When I hesitate, often all is lost.  I got a leading that I really, REALLY didn't want to follow.  I noticed Him reminding me about the lesson.  I obeyed as fast as I was able, despite feeling like I might die in the process.  Oh BABY He showed up.  

Is that called real-life cross-training?  LOL  Whatever it is, I like it.

Happy weekend, all.  May He blow your little mind today.  :-) 

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