Thursday, August 9, 2012

running in the sparkly zone

I'm not focusing very well right now when I run.  I mean, I used to count off the seconds in my head and the minutes on my hands.  It was truly almost more than I could handle (yes, THAT is how non-functioning my brain can be before dawn...counting to 60 is a challenge!) but it helped keep me on pace.

Lately I keep forgetting to count, mostly due to a ridiculously happy bunch of thoughts that are keeping my head overcrowded.  Picture sparkles and hearts and big eyed bunnies and flowers and ponies and perky eared puppies and ethereal music and sunshines with happy faces on them and fireworks and pouncing kittens and you almost start to get a glimpse of the happy zone Karen's brain is in just now (we'll just say God and one other person are turning me into a smile factory lately...)  So how does one experience all that and still remember to count to 60?  I just don't. And apparently I don't care.

This could be a problem, as far as pacing, but it seems to be working itself out.  Sure, sometimes I get so busy thinking sparkly thoughts that I slow down to "not hardly running" mode...but I'm counteracting that with the occasional "Wheee!  Let's just sprint awhile!" bursts.  

And I'm still making it home right on time.  

Not gonna lie, it is FUN testing out what this body can do.  Let's just say my leg muscles and I are developing quite the affectionate relationship.  

Which just goes to prove, God can change me really any way He wants to at all.

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