Wednesday, August 15, 2012

not a speed demon but hey, improvement!

I am continuing to have fun pushing myself on the morning runs - just seeing how fast I can make myself go.  While it's fun to move faster, I'm always acutely aware that my "fast" is everybody else's "yeah, right."  Put it this way:  the first time I watched the movie Jumanji, my favorite thing from it was the fat rhinoceros running at the back of the trampling herd - I totally related.  Everyone else runs like a leaping gazelle, and then I huff by 10 minutes later, making the earth shake with my footfalls.  I'm slow, people.  It's a fact.  While it bothers me less and less over time, it still just is what it is.  I am slow.  

BUT this morning I got a measure of my improvement on that:  near the far end of the bridge, I met a couple of ladies out walking for exercise.  After we met, I still ran something like maybe 200 feet in the opposite direction.  Then had to turn around and go UPhill, and this on a morning when the air weighed like a million pounds or something.  You cannot imagine how fun it was for me, later about 3/4 of the way back across the bridge, that I CAUGHT UP WITH AND PASSED those same ladies!  WOO HOO!  It has NEVER been true of me that I'm a danger of catching up with ANYBODY...even walkers.  

I ran even faster after passing them, just on the sheer adrenaline and thrill of it.  

Who knew running was gonna be this great?!

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