Tuesday, August 14, 2012

notes from the freedom zone on love

Sunday while getting ready for church, I had to put 4 shirts in the "this is now too big for me" stack.  I had to pull down the "stuff waiting for me to shrink into it" bags from the top of the closet and investigate what might work.

This is not the point of my story.  But it's fun.

Friday I realized my dress belt is now so big it's purely decorative - can't do anything remotely like holding pants up anymore. 

This is not the point of my story.  But it's fun.

Saturday at a training I was attending, they served pizza and the lady next to me had one of my top favorite candies - peanut m&ms...in bulk.  I overindulged on both. BY A LOT. 

This was not the end of the world.  I just started over when I got home.  No condemnation.  

This morning in the shower I looked down at my legs and saw enough change to make my heart dance.  

For so long, "loving my body" has been primarily about CHOOSING love.  As in, doing the most loving things possible for it.  As in, speaking kindly to it and about it, regardless of the old garbage that WANTED to be spoken in hate.  As in, not giving up on it.  Not so much about FEELING love, though that has grown over time, for sure.

Isn't that the way love is, though?  In any setting?  We make it all about how we FEEL.  But really it is, at its core, what we DO.  

The feelings follow the choices.  And they rock.  

But they are not the point of this story. 

Just a few notes from the freedom zone.  If you haven't started your journey toward joining me here yet...why not?

much love


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