Wednesday, August 22, 2012

just a little trash talk for your morning

Met with my old good friend Brady this morning...Brady Street Hill, that is.  Hadn't done that since the Bix.  

Just for the record:  IT'S STILL HUGE.

Just for the record:  I STILL OWNED IT.

I discovered this past weekend that I'm approaching the 1,000 mile mark on Wilma's speedometer (I had that installed in late October, 2011, which means I've used it for 10 months, 4 or so of which I did not ride AT ALL...and keep in mind, those miles don't count the ones I've ridden on I bragging?  MAYBE.)  

I intend to get to 1,000 before September 1.  

You should probably expect me to celebrate that in some ridiculous fashion, which will probably embarrass me.

Just sayin'...

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