Monday, November 23, 2009

sunny lunch and thoughts on cooking cheaply

leftover homemade 15 bean soup (300), ginormous (yet sadly, chewy) apple (100), water

One of the challenges:  I am currently (newly) unemployed.  It's hard for me to spend funds on fresh fruits and veggies even without that factor.  A decade and a half of doing daycare in my home trained me well for feeding lots of people:  make a huge pile of cheap carbs, put in just enough protein to make it feel like a treat, lavish the fat and spices, plop little bits of canned fruits and veggies along the side, and everyone will be happy without turning your pockets inside out.  And then there were the years of a houseful of teenage boys - more meat, but still, a focus on large amounts of cheap carbs.  I know how to do cheap.  I know where to shop for the bottom dollar - so when people complain about their grocery bill and then use words like HyVee...well, I just smile.  Dude.  I could totally cut your grocery bill in half.

Not that the menu would be good for you.  More like a fat-builder.  Which is what I need to change.

I've been un-training myself from cooking for 10 for a long time, and I'm kind of getting the hang of that.  I've been moving away from canned (read: nearly zero nutrition) and toward fresh...right up till I lost my job.

I come from a family that keeps the food storage space maxed out at all times.  We are well-stocked here with things that keep.  Cans.  Jars.  Rice.  Noodles.  Beans.  Instant mixes for sides.  The freezer still has some home-grown stuff, but it's now over a year old, which means we'll need to get it used up...and all the really good goodies from the summer-before-last's garden are long gone. 

I could feed us for a month...probably longer...without buying much more than milk and eggs along the way.

The challenge:  cooking toward fitness and not the security of being stuffed on comfort food.

The other thing we are in our family is "can do" people. 

Which means, in theory, I can do it.

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