Monday, September 24, 2012

yay for chilly!

Back when I had horses, I loved fall and winter's descent into cold.  I had pretty lively horses, but the heat of summer sometimes took some of the "lively" out of them.  When fall came, they perked up.  They stepped faster, carried their heads higher, ran harder.  Being all about the awesome power of a high-strung, tightly wound horse under me, I really loved the change.  

Running makes me understand a little better why they perked up so much in cold weather.  This morning it was 34 delicious degrees outside at run time.  Cold enough to get out the running tights and the long-sleeved Under Armour shirt.  Cold enough for wool socks and gloves.  Cold enough to fill me with glee - 34 is enough to add bounce to my step and subtract some of the sweat from my brow.  

It was a great run, even on a Monday.  I didn't drag my butt up the hills, I bounced up.  It wasn't hard to push myself a little harder, a little faster.  

It's not a bike day today, but if the weather holds like this tomorrow, it means finally my head won't be a total sweat ball when I take off the helmet, arriving at work.  YAY!

Hallelujah and thank You LORD for 34 degrees!!

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