Wednesday, May 2, 2012

i owned the brady street do you like me NOW?!

I woke up this morning to a light show in the sky, and I wasn't about to put myself out on the bridge and beg for my own personal lightning experience.  So...I started my Brady Street hill training.

First I ran down Main Street to the river, just warming up, and then over to Brady and allllllll the way up to Locust.  MAN what a hill.  To add to the fun, it started to rain about 2 minutes after I started running.  It was nice and warm out - like, 62 degrees - and so the rain was just fun and just made me feel like a superstar while I ran.  How you gonna complain about that?  

I am happy to report that I neither stopped nor walked at any point in the run.  I mean, I wasn't exactly SPRINTING, it was definitely Karen In Jog Mode, and on some of the steeper spots the forward motion got prettty slow...but still, no stop, no walk, I WIN!!!  BRADY STREET HILL, I OWNED YOU!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Focusing on that, this morning, and not on the fact that probably still all the runners and most of the walkers in the upcoming race would have left me far behind, at the rate I moved.  It's okay.  The competition is with myself, not them.  

This is fun.  

In other news, I forgot to put brown sugar in my steel-ground oats when I was cooking them up last night.  I realized it on the first bite this morning.  But you know what?  With raisins, dates, and nuts in was fine.  WITHOUT SUGAR.  How cool is that?

Grateful for making that mistake.  It's only 7:30 AM and I already learned today!

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