Friday, May 4, 2012

chocolate muffin temptation victory

The nice part about approaching eating as just another way I choose to love my body is that the change in the things I eat just mostly sort of comes naturally.  I'm excited about buying and eating things that love my body...veggies, fruit, beans, seeds, actual whole grains (not fakey, lying "whole grain products.") 

Take last night's supper, for instance.  I put a tiny bit of oil in my pan, cooked up some garlic and onion, added a whole colander filled to the top with spinach and parsley, and when that was cooked down a bit I tossed in a handful of chopped olives, a bit of bell pepper, and very small amounts of whole wheat pasta and organic spaghetti sauce.  The dish was mostly spinach.  It was soooooo good and I didn't feel deprived in the least as I savored a massive plate of it. 

Try to hand me a donut and I will see:  that poisonous trifecta of white sugar, white flour, and fat - bad for the body going in, and 100% sure to stimulate an out-of-control appetite for at least a few hours. 

Nonetheless, this is not a completed, perfected work in me.  Yesterday we had a little reception at work after our National Day of Prayer event, and the table was laden with sweets and fruit.  Know what tempted me?  CHOCOLATE MUFFINS.  I LOVE me some chocolate muffins.  And though they too are that poisonous trifecta...I don't *see* white flour when I look at them.  So I don't have that immediate "no thanks" rising up in me.  This can also be a problem for me with some dessert items, if their appearance doesn't immediately push my "no trifecta" button.

I stayed at the reception for awhile, helping carry coffee cups to tables for the seniors.  When the work slowed down, though...MAN, those chocolate muffins were calling my name.  

Scripture tells us to flee temptation.  Not "resist" but FLEE.  

That's what I did.  Beat a path for my office, leaving those little chocolate muffins singing their siren song after me as I went down the hall.  Victory.  But not by much!  

In other victorious news, I ran up Brady Street hill again this morning.  It was not raining.  It was not as much fun.  Just sayin'...

But I did it anyway.


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