Tuesday, May 1, 2012

hill runner

This morning I started my focused hill running - I went up Main Street hill (on which I live) to Locust Street.  I had expected this to be extremely hard.  I gave myself a lot of grace - no pushing for speed, no need to even make sure I made my usual 2.6 miles.  Just get up the hill and back down.  

I was happily surprised to discover:  running up Main Street hill is not a bit harder than running up the bridge.  

So instead of focusing there, on Thursday (when it is again time to focus on a hill), I will run up Brady.  Apparently I've already done the work of working up to it.  I am filled with both dread and excitement about this development - but most of all I am shocked to find myself here.  

I looked back on this blog and I see I started my C25K program on May 23, 2011.  Oh, the difference the Lord has made in me, in a year of shutting up, stopping with all the making of plans and following of programs, and just doing what He shows me to do, one moment at a time. 

I like it.

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