Friday, May 27, 2011

wondering how to step lighter

Chose some new colors and background and such, as I learned the old format wasn't eye-friendly to all.  It feels appropriate to change the look of the blog anyway, as I really feel like I am in many ways being "created anew" on a whole other scale than usual lately.  For the record:  I like it.

The morning was gorgeous today, a welcome relief after yesterday's cold wind and rain.  I started running sooner...felt almost enthusiastic about getting to it. 

I'm surprised at how fast some things get better, as I pay attention.  For example, my first morning out, all I could notice when I ran was how heavy I am on my feet.  I could feel every single pound of me hammering down onto the pavement at every step (I move to the gravelly side of the path wherever puddles don't prevent that...seems gentler on my knees and feet).  Not pretty.  Had to hang onto the goal:  learning to love my body, not pour out contempt on me because of its current condition.  Don't focus on the heaviness of the steps, just be glad I am out there.

The second morning was when my clock got stuck and I did that stretch of untimed running...and got a taste of letting loose a bit.  Still BAM BAM BAM on my feet but...more like motion and less like pushing at inertia with all my might.  

This morning (4th day, 3rd run), I was MUCH faster (uhh...still very slow compared to the rest of everyone out there, but much faster as compared to the only one that counts for me, which is ME).  How can that be already?  I am mystified.  Happy, but confused. 

If anyone out there can give me any tips about how to run more lightly, I'd welcome them.  Maybe there just has to be fewer pounds of me to step more lightly, but I suspect that's not the case.  I remember a friend who had athletic girls saying their dad taught them to "run on their toes"...I can't even wrap my mind around that.  

Nonetheless, I am having fun.  Glad to be doing this.


  1. I love the new look here! Very whimsical and light! (Maybe a correlation to your new running program)

    I love the entery and I am cheering you on even if it is cyberlly!


  2. Dearest sister,
    You have been blessed with Dads gait! I have it too.. So does Ashley! I really don't think you will ever lose it. Just think of Dad every time you hear the stomping sound!

  3. Take this with a grain of salt, as I have only been practicing running for a few weeks. From the running blogs I've read, we're supposed to try to 'cushion' our landing by running on the outsides of our feet and 'bouncing' off the balls of the feet.